A23.3 Standard: The S.M. Group International Inc. and Group CSA join forces

The engineering field is linked to the evolution of techniques and knowledge. While advanced technology is increasingly used for the development of an environmentally and culturally minded society, the research and development of innovative solutions are becoming fundamental issues. Driven by the desire to actively participate in the implementation of sustainable practices, The S.M. Group International Inc. has been supporting the work of The CSA Group for several years and is now involved in the new A23.3 standard drafting process.

Founded in 1919, the CSA Group is a non-profit organization that is working on developing safe and sustainable engineering methods. The purpose of the organization is to establish a normative framework of unified design aligned with the progress of the research. This proximity between research and legislation involves the constant review of the regulations’ content, preventing it from becoming obsolete.

With this in mind, the “A23.3” standard “Design of Concrete Structures” is no exception. The standard, first published in 1959, will have its 8th edition in 2018. The S.M. Group International Inc. would like to acknowledge the participation of Mr. Serge Vézina, Director, Structure, building and special projects, in the committee in charge of rewriting the “A23.3” standard. He has been a member of various CSA technical committees for more than 25 years and part of the “A23.3” standard drafting committee since 2000. Mr. Vézina has lent his expertise in the design of concrete structures for the rewriting of Chapter 19, which from now on, will be about the design of diaphragms.

“The future of engineering firms is undeniably linked to high technicality. In this regard, it is critical to graft our practice to research and rigorous application of its principles. The contribution of engineering firms to normative frameworks and to drafting of rules governing everyday practices is the delineation whose scope reflects expertise.”

Director, Structure, building and special projects

The S.M. Group International Inc., always ahead on research and development, wants to acknowledge the involvement of its experts in the field of research. Developing new techniques and technologies, acquiring knowledge and the integration of advanced engineering methods enables companies like ours to remain at the forefront and ensure the construction of a better future.

The future of engineering firms is undeniably linked to high technicality.