SMi Energie

Project Mangement of the Hydroelectric Complex of Eastmain1, 1-A, La Sarcelles – Rupert, Baie-James, Canada

SMi’s energy team has over 40 years of experience in the design, integration and construction of energy production, transmission and distribution systems.

Over the years, SMi has cultivated a multidisciplinary team of engineering experts through its involvement in public and private projects, including projects for major utilities such as Hydro-Quebec and Hydro-One. Our team applies the industry’s best practices through hands-on experience to achieve the desired results of our clients.

SMi experts utilize innovative state of the art methods for all aspects of a project. We take a pragmatic approach when performing our engineering services, network studies, protection reports, estimates, 3D modeling, smart grid design (smart grid) and other applications of technical expertise. Furthermore, our capabilities include scenario analysis mandates when designing new facilities and repairing or retrofitting existing power plants. SMi has extensive experience in project management and construction, as well as on-site or factory quality control.

Our engineering experts have gained distinction in rehabilitating and upgrading projects, through which they provide creative solutions integrating the most recent technologies. Furthermore, by utilizing proven technology to achieve cost and lead- time reduction, we optimize the engineering process while improving engineering quality.

SMi’s experts are involved in all power generation sectors, including hydropower, wind farms, solar energy, gas-fired and biomass power plants, as well as geothermal science.

Fields of expertise

  • Hydroelectric power
  • Wind power
  • Solar energy
  • Thermal energy
  • Biomass and biomethanization
  • Power production (power stations)
  • Power transmission (substations and power lines)
  • Power distribution
  • Telecommunications (protection and inspection)
  • Power compensation and converters
  • Intelligent transmission and distribution networks (smartgrids)
  • Network studies
  • Factory quality control
  • Construction site quality assurance