Materials Engineering

Ingénierie des matériaux

Soil and materials engineering for the Higway 410 construction, Sherbrooke, Canada

Since 1972, SMi has earned an uncontested reputation in soil and materials testing, thanks to its outstanding professional and technical teams and state of the art laboratories and equipment

The longevity of our client`s investments and the durability of infrastructure or buildings depends on the use of quality materials, proper installation methods during implementation or repairs, and rigorous inspection.
Our teams partner with our clients to achieve their objective of managing their assets. Our preventive approach ensures the best life cycle for your facilities, as well as a remedial approach to restore the original functionality of your structures.

Our certified laboratories have been operating under an ISO 9001 certified quality management system since 1996. Our professionals and technicians are licensed in the various fields of materials engineering and specialize in building envelopes and roofing.

Whether the activity is done on site or in the laboratory, SMi’s team of experts will help you meet your needs and find the right solutions for completing your projects and managing your facilities.

Fields of expertise

  • Soils and aggregates
  • Cement concrete
  • Paving, asphalts, recycled materials
  • Roofs and building envelopes
  • Pyrite and pyrrhotite
  • Instrumentation and asset management
  • Materials laboratory