A major partnership with Sobeys for The S.M. Group International Inc. building teams

It is now official, The S.M. Group International Inc. building teams have signed a major partnership with the Canadian supermarket chain Sobeys to carry out the rehabilitation, renovation and new construction projects of its food market in Quebec for the next two years.

A proudly Canadian company with more than 110 years in the food business, Sobeys Inc. is one of only two national grocery retailers in Canada. Through its 1500 stores from full service format to the convenience format, Sobeys has made it its mission to bring better food to Canadians by helping them Eat Better, Feel Better and Do Better.

All our teams of building specialists will be involved in work on new construction projects, electromechanical work and structural and civil works for all Sobeys and its franchisees and affiliates in Quebec : IGA, IGA Express, Rachelle Bery, Marché Tradition, Bonichoix and Voisin/Bonisoir.

This important partnership with Sobeys confirms that our building teams’ expertise is well established and recognized.