The S.M. Group International Inc.’s multidisciplinarity benefits the realization of an urban ecological urban park

The borough of St-Laurent has mandated The S.M. Group International Inc.’s multidisciplinary team to develop a real ecosystem on the Philippe-Laheurte Park site. The development of this park has allowed the creation of a large-scale ecological environment in the heart of a borough for the well-being of its growing population.

This multidisciplinary mandate was carried out according to an approach of exchange and integration between disciplines. From site analysis to site supervision, exchanges between disciplines ensured the technical feasibility of the proposed interventions while at the same time elaborating creative solutions for the development of the site. The exchange between the disciplines has also made it possible to coherently integrate various technical points of view in the design and implementation of a project adapted to the site’s specific elements.

The mandate of our teams of specialists presented several issues to needed to be considered for the development of the design, plans and specifications, in order to allow the implementation of the development work.

The park’s development benefited from the following interventions:

  • On site soil management
  • Technical verification of stormwater management structures
  • Insertion and integration of stormwater management structures from adjacent neighborhoods
  • Protection and enhancement of the site’s wooded environment
  • Work phasing in order to meet federal requirements for the protection of migratory birds
  • Sediment and machinery management during the work in order not to weaken the sensitivity of the natural environment in the retention basin
  • The installation of a hill to slide during the winter

Upon completion, Philippe-Laheurte Park is now aligned with the existing wooded areas of Marcel-Laurin Park and the wooded area south of Raymond-Lasnier Street. This alignment now constitutes a green and ecological zone between the borough’s industrial/commercial sector and the residential sector of the growing Bois Franc neighborhood. This development made it possible to create an environment that respects the site’s ecology, through a sustainable development process that is safe for citizens, as well as add a new winter entertainment space thanks to the new 2-storey high illuminated sliding hill.

An urban park development project and a complex construction site carried out under difficult conditions, that results in an end product that is a tremendous success thanks to the work and perseverance of the many departments of The S.M. Group International Inc. involved in the project: Urban Infrastructure, Landscape Development, Laboratory, Electricity and Biology.

This project is a great success that demonstrates the multidisciplinarity of The S.M. Group International Inc., all for the benefit of the citizens of the Saint-Laurent Borough.