Thanks to The S.M. Group international Inc., the Bell Centre is rewarded with the Projet vert ICI+ Award

Through the proven techniques and extensive expertise of The S.M. Group International Inc. environmental specialists, the Bell Centre was recognized at the 8th edition of the Gala EnviroLys on Monday, November 20.

The Gala Envirolys is a unique opportunity to recognize the private expertise of the green economy, entrepreneurship and innovation of the environmental services industry. This year, the jury decided to recognize the work done at the Bell Centre with the “Projet vert ICI+” award, which recognizes an institution, a business or an industry (ICI) whose activity is not directly related to the environmental sector, but which participates in the protection of the environment by implementing an innovative project in a sustainable development perspective in line with its mission.

In 2007, the Montreal Canadiens organization embarked on what would become known as “The Goal is Green!” program, an ambitious and wide-ranging project to position the club at the forefront of all environmental leaders in professional sports. Its mission: “Establish the organization as an industry leader both on the ice and in the community through programs that reduce its environmental footprint, support the greening of the environment and renewable resources, and encourage its wide-ranging fanbase to do the same.”

The S.M. Group International Inc.’s environmental specialists have been involved from the very beginning with the Bell Centre’s management (Aréna des Canadiens Inc.) by advising and assisting it in the assessment of the applicable certifications as well as in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the various sustainable development programs and projects put in place. Ten years later, we will continue our collaboration with other actions planned for 2018, such as the certification to BNQ 9700-253 “Responsible Event Management” standard for the Canadian Hockey Club games and increasing the recycling and recovery performance of residual materials well above the “Gold level” of 90% of the “Ici on recycle”.

Through concrete actions on operating systems for water, waste, food and energy, the Bell Centre is now the only sports facility in North America to be certified with three environmental certifications: “Ici on Recycling” (silver level), LEED-EB (existing buildings) and ISO 14001.

We are proud to have contributed, since 2007, to positioning the Bell Centre as a leader in environmental management through professional sport in North America.

Here are some examples of these actions whose results are visible and measurable:

  • Reduction in the total amount of residual material disposed of by 78% since 2007 (513 tons less which is disposed of annually)
  • Reduction of the total amount of residual waste generated by 23% since 2007 (243 tons less which is generated annually)
  • Donation of nearly 35 tons of food over the past year (approximately 115,800 meals)
  • 65% reduction in energy consumption for lighting inside the amphitheatre thanks to the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Plantation of a total of 600 trees in Quebec over the past three seasons as part of the ” Plantons un bâton ” program (one tree for each broken hockey stick)
  • Global compensation of 9596 tons CO2 equivalent, which corresponds of 183% of the direct and indirect sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the Bell Centre (including transportation of employees and aircraft for Canadians) for the period 2016-2017
  • Reduction of nearly 50% in the consumption of sanitary equipment since 2007
  • Substitution of several food containers with compostable equivalents
  • Commissioning of a new system to recycle grey water (low-polluted water) from the snow pit (“Pit de Zamboni”)

Being aware of the impacts associated with the events that take place in its amphitheatre, the Bell Centre is always looking for ways to improve. In this way, the Bell Centre continues to innovate and lead by example, using the expertise of its quality partners, including The S.M. Group International Inc.