The S.M. Group International Inc. in pole position on the Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit

The S.M. Group International Inc.’s soil and materials engineering team as well as the building science team of specialists was mandated to monitor and control the quality of materials for the demolition of the current paddocks and the construction of the new paddocks at the Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit.

Le Groupe S.M. International Inc. en pole position sur le Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

As part of the renewal agreement for the 2015-2029 Grand Prix of Canada, the Société du Parc Jean Drapeau has agreed to contribute to the upgrade and expansion of the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit’s infrastructure in order to provide better facilities for pilots, teams, spectators and media.

The objective of the project is to update the paddock equipment, built in 1988, according to the International Automobile Federation and the Formula One World Championship requirements, while at the same time increase the capacity of the boxes above the garages to 5000 people, compared to 1800 at present. The building will be equipped, in particular, with a freight elevator that will make it possible to transport cars or heavy furniture to each landing, as well as a glass elevator for the clientele. In addition, new state of the art technology will be installed to facilitate the work of the sports and media teams.

Le Groupe S.M. International Inc. en pole position sur le Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

Our team of specialists will provide materials quality control laboratory services throughout every phase of the project.

Our professional services will include but are not limited to:

  • Provide technical assistance to the Société du parc Jean Drapeau during the call for tenders and act as quality assurance specialists
  • Perform quality control for all materials (soil, aggregate, concrete cement, asphalt mix, wood and steel structure, membrane, etc.)
  • Monitoring during the demolition of the existing building, during decontamination in the presence of asbestos and contaminated soils, as well as during the installation of foundation piles
  • Ensure, after verification, that all construction materials are compliant with the applicable building regulations
  • Carry out all required testing when using all the materials used in the construction
  • Take samples of all materials either at the construction site or at the supplier
  • Control the quality of all materials in order to ensure that all materials installed meet the plans and specifications requirements
  • Monitor the building’s waterproofing and roofing work to ensure optimal performance
  • Intervene with the site supervisor and provide him/her with appropriate recommendations to ensure the quality of the works
Le Groupe S.M. International Inc. en pole position sur le Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

Work will begin immediately after the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix and will continue until April 2019 in order for the work to be completed for the 2019 edition.

Recognized as the country’s largest tourism event, the Grand Prix of Canada enjoys an unparalleled international reputation. Thus, thanks to an architectural design inspired by Expo67, including the biosphere-like ceiling structure, these new modern, accessible and state-of-the-art facilities will create a unique signature that the city of Montreal is renowned worldwide for.