The S.M. Group International Inc.’s multidisciplinary team expertise at work for the new CHUM project

For several years now, The S.M. Group International Inc. professionals have been working to and construct what will become one of the cornerstones of Quebec‘s healthcare network: the new CHUM. Commissioned by Construction Santé Montréal, the Group’s Intelligent Mobility and Transportation, Urban Infrastructure and Physical Security teams are actively involved in this major project.

When completed, the new CHUM will optimize the links between research, technology and medical practice, while being fully integrated into Montreal’s urban environment and preserving the existing heritage elements of the chosen site. The complex, which is expected to be completed in 2021, will cover an area of 268,000 m² and will include 772 beds, 39 operating rooms, a library and an amphitheatre. The new construction aims, in the long term, to achieve LEED Silver certification.

Located at the convergence point of the various sectors of downtown Montreal, the construction project of a new integrated health centre represents a unique urban consolidation opportunity. However, the high traffic volume in this area increases the degree of difficulty of the project due to the continuing medical activities at the complex throughout the work. Since the facilities include ambulance and emergency services, the S. M. Group International Inc. teams of experts had to develop unique solutions to enable optimal management of on-site activities.

Our team of mobility and intelligent transportation, responsible for carrying out a comprehensive analysis of transportation management, had to develop a concept that met the requirements of the City of Montreal’s transportation plan. This first phase of the mandate was accompanied by the elaboration of a specific impact and traffic management plan for each construction phase until its completion. Our experts have developed for the CHUM project, adapted traffic management strategies in order to minimize the impact of the construction work on citizens’ travel, without compromising the hospital’s accessibility to ambulances, staff and patients.

In parallel, the urban infrastructure experts of the S.M. Group International Inc. took over the rehabilitation of Viger Avenue between St-Denis and Sanguinet Streets, as well as Sanguinet Street between René-Lévesque Boulevard and Viger Avenue. The construction work for the various pavilions of the CHUM has not yet been completed, so a detailed coordination of the occupancy of the public domain had to be carried out in order to ensure the efficient sharing of the work site among the various parties involved. The presence of several underground services made the reconfiguration of Sanguinet Street even more complex. However, the urban infrastructure team was able to deliver a high quality product within budget.

The S.M. Group International Inc., through the SMi CSP team, has also taken on the considerable task of securing the CHUM facilities. The team conducted a threat and risk assessment of the site, and was able to apply its recommendations throughout all the security system design phases and monitor its implementation in order to ensure its compliance.

The chosen security concept for the CHUM is unique because the multidisciplinary nature of the centre calls for the integration of different types of security devices. Six zones with different levels of security had to be created in order to make the complex accessible to the public, while ensuring the safety of its users and employees.

By putting the expertise of several of its teams at the service of the CHUM, construction, The S.M. Group International Inc. was able to seize the opportunity to participate in the improvement of the health care offered to Quebecers, as well as in the development of high level university medicine. Multidisciplinary in many respects, this mandate has enabled our teams to confirm their expertise in large-scale projects.

The S. M. Group International Inc. teams of experts had to develop unique solutions to enable optimal management of on-site activities.