SMi environment

Multifunctional development of the riverside lands of the Lac des Nations and the Magog River Gorge, Sherbrooke, Canada

SMi’s multidisciplinary and experienced environmental team takes a holistic approach to the environment, which separates them from the competition. This approach integrates urban planning, site characterization and traditional environmental engineering for all the stages of a project’s life cycle. This trademark approach was confirmed for the restoration and reclaiming of derelict or contaminated sites.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions or ensure sustainable development, SMi’s specialists will plan an innovative solution, obtain the permits required for its implementation and design, monitor its completion and validate the targeted performance. Our innovative solutions and processes are adaptable for every market, from municipal or governmental organizations to companies or developers of infrastructure projects, industrial facilities or land use developments.

Our team proficiently integrates the concerns of citizens during the planning and design phases of projects, helping to ensure the social acceptability of the proposed solution. SMi specialists have developed modeling, visual simulation and outreach tools to allow clients to make a positive contribution to society with their projects.

SMi’s experts are equipped to fully understand the project environment, by performing the required characterization and inventories and implementing an effective management system. SMi works with our certified and accredited laboratories to ensure the rigorous monitoring of the environmental performance for the project and the performance of equipment.

Fields of expertise

  • Land-use planning
  • Landscape architecture
  • Agri-environment
  • Natural habitat management
  • Government authorizations
  • Management and inspection systems
  • Eco-engineering
  • Contaminated soils
  • Waste treatment
  • Laboratory