The S.M. Group International Inc.’s expertise for the benefit of Haiti

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Government of Haiti called upon The S.M. Group International Inc.’s expertise in environmental and social management in order to rehabilitate the Republic of Haiti Route Nationale No. 1 (RN1).

As a part of the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications’ program (Programme de réhabilitation des infrastructures routières et d’intégration du territoire), this project, once completed, will facilitate the travel between the capital Port-au-Prince, the city of Gonaïves and Cap-Haïtien. Over one-quarter of the Haitian population lives in this corridor, making this road one of the busiest roads in the country.

One of the road segments currently under construction is located between Ennery and Plaisance, which is 23.6 kilometres long and cuts across three watersheds and the Black Mountains. This stretch is characterized by a rugged terrain with steep slopes with hills that favor the formation of gullies.  Sensitivity to erosion is high due to its topographic features and the absence of erosion and vegetation control measures, vegetation cover (coal, lumber, etc.) and the cultivation on sloping lands.  Additionally, this section of the Route Nationale is located within a priority diversity area (KBA-Plaisance) a global interest area targeted for the protection of its unique features and vulnerable animal and plant species.

The goal of the mandate is to provide a systematic assessment of the ongoing works’ compliance with the contractual clauses on matters relating to environmental, social as well as health and safety. Our compliance analysis must take into account the IDBs’ environmental and social guidelines and the applicable Environmental and Social Management Plan. As international auditor, the clients wished we issue wanted recommendations for improving the progress of the ongoing work and the project management process in general.

The assessment and the integration of the environmental (water, air, ground, biodiversity) and social (quality of life of local residents, relocation, etc.) aspects in the implementation of infrastructure projects is the result of our integrated multidisciplinary approach that is at the core of our expertise.

As an example, our recommendations on reusing the asphalt residues resulting from the demolition of the existing road segments.

« Giving a second life to these residues allows major savings and has a positive impact on the environment. They can be recovered and used to stabilize secondary roads and reduce dust discharge»

Eric Olivier, Project director, Land-use Planning and Environment, The S.M. Group International Inc.

The Inter-American Development Bank’s trust in The S.M. Group International Inc.’s approach and experience is based on our capacity to integrate technical, environmental and social considerations that enable us to quickly identify major risks and impacts, particularly those related to the slope instability that are highly exposed to erosion and endangering the population and our tailored and efficient building and land-use planning solutions.

Through this mandate The S.M. Group International Inc. demonstrates once again the multidisciplinary of its expertise and its commitment to preserve the integrity of the heritage and environment while providing decision makers with safe, sustainable solutions that aims to ensure a better quality of life of the communities whether they are in Haiti, Canada or anywhere else in the world.

The S.M. Group International Inc. demonstrates once again the multidisciplinary of its expertise